Healing…. means accepting all parts of ourselves …and accepting what is…. or does it ? Part 2

Healing – Healing means accepting all parts of ourselves, not just the parts we like, but all of us.  What do you think ?

I believe that Healing and Acceptance go hand in hand …

When I think of our journey as a family, we had to deal with accepting what ever was thrown at us, individually and separately.

And this was different depending on who your were?

For J he had to accept that he may die, and that in that process he would be gravely ill, go through huge amounts of pain, physical and emotional, and have to filter feelings of regret that he wouldn’t be there to watch his beautiful daughters grow up,  miss their 21st birthdays, miss their amazing careers perhaps marry and have children, he would miss out on that and grandchildren, he would miss out on their changing relationships from children parent to adult/ parent, and all that changes within that, he was going to miss out on our relationship as we grew old together,  our time was coming to be a couple again, and all that, that would bring, he was to feel guilty about leaving us when we were all so young….  That wasn’t fair…. “but it was, what it was”, and within that J came to accept what would be would be…. and I suppose that’s where we started believing that the universe has a plan, and if we are on board or not it is going to take place, so how we worked with this plan would sculpt the rest of our lives together.

I’m not going to talk from my girls point of view, as that is their journey and it is not my business to say, but I will say that I am immensely proud of both of them for the journey that they have taken and the way they have gone about their processes of healing.

Now as for me …. well isn’t this my blog about what I think, so I am more than happy to tap away, at what I think and feel about this weird process of acceptance and healing.

I believe we don’t have to like what is thrown at us in life, but I do think that we need to learn that there are lessons in every thing that does happen to us.  Maybe we have brought those things on with our own behaviour maybe they are lifetime lessons who knows? but in the end if we don’t learn to be open to why things happen and accept them then I think as an spiritual being  we will continue to struggle.

I truly believe that EVERYTING happens for a reason!  We don’t always know immediately what that reason is… and sometimes I don’t even know if we ever find out, but that doesn’t really bother me, as I believe if I need to know it will be revealed to me.

I think we need to be open and sensitive to what and who is around us.  To really listen to what people are saying, not just the words that are said but open to energies and actions of others, to be really in tune with your own feelings, thoughts and surroundings.

The faster you can truly accept a situation the better, as once you can process that situation the faster you can move through all the thoughts and feelings to move onto accepting it, and then working on inner healing.

We have choices with everything we do, and accepting and allowing ourselves to heal is just one of those choices.

We are spiritual beings filled with light, love and energy and we need to keep growing and evolving.

J you were the love of my life, my soul mate, you made me who I am today, you had so much wisdom, and just knew me inside out, and I know that since you have gone, that I was put in a position of re looking at myself, reassessing what I now needed and  wanted, and how I could go about that?

Could I have done that when you were here? Well Yes


Would I have done that ? Probably NO !

If I had but one wish… it would be to Bring you back my darling !! but you and I and the girls know,  That nothing we could do would change what was meant to be! Those last months with you and the girls were extraordinarily special and in that time we were all blessed to spend so much special time together.

Your passing was written and agreed upon, long before we were together, and although we wish your were still with us, we accept that you are not,  your life was full, and amazing, you brought Light, Love, and an amazing Gentle Energy into any space that you filled, you changed our lives for the better. You made us all who we are today, and continue to be, we know you are still walking with us, we feel you and hear you, and continue to keep you in our lives.

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Donna Steel Photography



One thought on “Healing…. means accepting all parts of ourselves …and accepting what is…. or does it ? Part 2

  1. Donna, your wisdom is teaching me so much and I am blessed to have you in my life. You inspire me to be a better person and I love growing through your journey. Your thoughts and words have beautiful energy, love and light xx


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